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with leading healer, Minister of Divine Love and best selling author, Marilyn Rodriguez

  Reverend Marilyn Rodriguez



When my mother was in recovery from ovarian cancer, I spent a ton of time with her and our family dog Buddy. One afternoon, she called to me from outside, sounding panicked. 


I ran through the house into the front yard and found her there with Buddy happily wagging his tail. She pointed to the driveway pavement and said with  conviction, “Do something about that!”


Feeling confused, I cautiously approached the area she was pointing to and saw a dead, squashed carpenter bee with another swarming above it in a repetitive circle. 


Admittedly I was a bit grossed out. Then, I became suddenly aware of the droning sound coming from the swarming bee. I could feel its mourning. Every other sound fell to the background as the droning sound filled my ears.


I kneeled down and automatically placed my hands a few inches above the dead bee as the other bee continued to circle above my hands. 


I chanted, “You are healed. You are healed. You are healed.”


I repeated this with focus and intensity in my mind but without any force whatsoever. I did not envision anything. I didn’t try to make anything happen. I simply focused on one thing...the healed bee. Nothing else was an option but the healed bee. I was establishing a new frequency and vibration for this bee.


I lost all sense of time and space. It no longer existed. My surroundings disappeared, yet I knew where I was more acutely than ever before. There was nothing but me and these two bees. 


Looking back, I was at ONE with the multidimensional essence of all that is. 


I continued to chant,  “You are healed. You are healed. You are healed.” 


After just a few minutes, the bee flew out from underneath my hands and joined the other buzzing bee. I opened my hands to confirm what I thought had happened. Yes, that bee had been fully restored and healed! There were no traces of its oozing parts on the pavement. 


It was completely healed and restored.


The two bees circled each other and then circled in front of my face and flew off into the trees. My mother witnessed the entire event.


It was such a profound and simple moment that marked the day that my magic was revealed to me in an undeniable way. It reminded me that anything is possible when we’re in the vibration of love and trust. 

I share this with you because I know you have the same power. You have the same potent power within you to shift your reality and subsequently, the reality you inhabit. 

IT’S TIME to uncover the same potent transcendent power within you to heal the bee inside, outside, above and below, in all aspects of your being and life.






I help transform the lives of Divine Visionary Men and Women who have the capacity to wield great influence on the planet through their ascension, vibration and being. Each Divine Visionary Being influences, or has the potential to influence, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people with her presence. A Soul at that level⁠—who shows up shining their light in a way that dispels the darkness in the world, owning their truth more and more, whole, healed, and complete, with a clear vision of their soul's mission, and surrounded by love and abundance—changes the world with their power, presence, and purpose of LOVE. This contributes to the evolution and healing of humanity. This is my purpose. If you this is you or you know that your Divine Brilliance is there inside of you, ready to be unleashed, chances are we have met in another time-place-dimension and agreed to work together and your Soul and Higher Self will have recognised this. I’m full of joy that we have found each other here and now. 


A little more of an official bio

Marilyn Rodriguez is a #1 Amazon international bestselling author, transformational healer, and a modern day ascended master. She is an ordained minister of Divine Love through the Alliance of Divine Love. She has been trained and certified over the past 20+ years in Rapid Eye Technology as a Master Rapid Eye practitioner, Master Teacher in Reiki, Rain Drop Therapy, Chakra Healing Training of the 12 + chakras and more. She has extensively practiced and studied channeling the angelic realms and other multidimensional beings, namely spiritual teams appointed to serve her and her clients. She has the gift of receiving healing messages from those who have passed on when her clients need the peace and healing of those transitionary experiences. Marilyn has also staffed and assisted at many numerous energy healing trainings early on in her career. Her healing gifts date back to early childhood where her awareness of the energy all around us was how she would fall asleep at night by running her fingers through the air and watching the "particles of light" move around. 


As a speaker and teacher, Marilyn combines her dynamic energy with a soothing soulful style, keen intuition, and mystical understanding to inspire her clients and audience to create lasting change at the cellular and spiritual levels of their being and discover their true and sacred power of the heart.


Marilyn lives her truth in full openness and vulnerability, allowing her to connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with her clients and audience for their greatest transformation.


Marilyn’s clients have created movements, organizations, rapid prosperity, businesses, and miraculous contracts and opportunities. Marriages have been restored within hours and days and soulmates have found each other in complete serendipity.  Marilyn’s clients always comment on the deep sense of restoration, inner peace, confidence, and power they feel when they emerge from a transformational healing experience with her.


Working with Marilyn means experiencing her divine channeling gifts, such as receiving light and healing messages from those who have passed on and powerful intuitive visions that move her clients forward with rapid ease. In Marilyn’s divine love healing container, clients quantum leap onto the highest path they’re meant to live, collapsing all time and space dimensions that are not in alignment with your highest vibration and embodiment. 


Marilyn has lovingly supported celebrities, CEOs, authors, high-level entrepreneurs, artists, and global visionaries for the last 20 years.


A third generation healer, Marilyn discovered her gifts at an early age and continues to live her best life by helping people transform their lives.