After healing a dead bee (from squashed mush on the pavement, to buzzing and flying away completely healed and full of vitality) I knew this was the frequency that would heal humanity -MARILYN RODRIGUEZ, Your Soul Mentor


Miracle Love Transmissions


Miracle Love Transmissions is an ongoing monthly portal for women who are ready to receive the miracle of Divine Love into her heart and life. 


Imagine... relationships healing, earning potential increasing, inner revelations, life changing insights, releasing addictions, and other miraculous healings taking place week after week for an entire year.


There is a minimum of 3 months committment. You have access to all of the archives. You receive 3 Live Healing and Mentorship classes and 3 Miracle Love Transmissions & Meditations per month along with other bonuses and workbooks.


You will have all of the energetic support you need if you are a self-led woman with the desire to expand your heart, heal, and calibrate to your highest contribution on the planet by embodying your presence of miraculous, divine love. 

This is ALIGNED for me. I'm in!





"A few days after experiencing a powerful and life-changing coaching session with Marilyn, I’m still basking in the afterglow. Within 30 minutes, I felt this rush of power and joy resonating through my body. Once she supported me to break through the negative beliefs I had about myself that were blocking me, I could see beyond to an even grander vision and where to take the first step."   - Claire


“I always come  back to something Marilyn said to me. You have something incredibly amazing and unique within you that only YOU can do for the world. When you tune into that one thing and allow yourself to operate from that space, everything comes into alignment and life begins to flow. So I founded the One Generation Peace Project and haven’t looked back.” - Annie




Marilyn's services are by application only. In order to be considered, please APPLY here. 





Heal yourself. Change the world.

About Marilyn


Marilyn Rodriguez is a #1 Amazon international bestselling author, leading healer, transformational teacher and modern day ascended master. 


Marilyn combines her dynamic energy with a soothing soulful style, keen intuition, and mystical understanding to inspire her clients and audience to create lasting change at the cellular and spiritual levels of their being and discover their true and sacred feminine power.


Marilyn lives her truth in full openness and vulnerability, allowing her to connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with her clients and audience for their greatest transformation.


Marilyn’s clients have created movements, organizations, thousands of dollars in a matter of days, businesses, and miraculous contracts and opportunities.Marriages have been restored overnight and soulmates have found each other in complete serendipity.  Marilyn’s clients always comment on  the deep sense of restoration, inner peace, confidence, and power they feel when they emerge from a coaching and healing experience with her.


Working with Marilyn means experiencing her divine channeling gifts, such as receiving light and healing messages from those who have passed on and powerful intuitive visions that move her clients forward with rapid ease. In Marilyn’s divine feminine healing container, women quantum leap onto the highest path they’re meant to live, collapsing all time and space dimensions that are not in alignment with your highest vibration and embodiment. 


Marilyn has lovingly supported celebrities, CEOs, authors, high-level entrepreneurs, artists, and global visionaries for the last 20 years

A third generation healer, Marilyn discovered her gifts at an early age and continues to live her best life by helping people transform their lives. 




I help transform the lives of Divine Visionary Women who have the capacity to wield great influence on the planet th
rough their ascension, vibration and being. Each Divine Visionary Woman influences, or has the potential to influence, hundreds, thousands, and even millions of people with her presence. A woman at that level⁠—who shows up shining her light in a way that dispels the darkness in the world, owning her truth, whole, healed, and complete, with a clear vision of her soul's mission, and surrounded by love and abundance—changes the world with her power, presence, and purpose. This contributes to the evolution and healing of humanity. This is my purpose. If you are a Divine Visionary Woman or you know she is there inside of you, ready to be unleashed, chances are we have met in another time-place-dimension and agreed to work together and your Soul and Higher Self will have recognised this. I’m full of joy that we have found each other here and now. 


 The vibration of Marilyn’s voice is liquid gold to the cells of my body, reprogramming it to vibrate at the level of pure love. I now inhabit my body temple with joy, vitality and soul radiance’ - Veronica K



Marilyn has a way of pinpointing exactly what you need in order to achieve your desires very very quickly. - Sharon