Miracle Love Transmissions


Heal yourself. Change the world.




with leading healer, Minister of Divine Love and best selling author, Marilyn Rodriguez





Now acutely aware of the gaps in your life, the pain you no longer wish to endure, the lack, the unhealed parts are coming up with undeniable potency to be healed and released so you can rise and embody love and miracles.


It is time for your greatest awakening. Deep, exquisite, emotional, divine, nourishing. 


After healing a bee (from squashed mush on the pavement, to buzzing and flying away, full of vitality), I knew this was the frequency that would heal humanity.


Miracle Love Transmissions is a collective process that works with this frequency of love and healing to create a momentum of miracles and transformation, one miracle at a time. 


Whether healing inner patterns, addictions, the body, relationships, past trauma, finances, actions or events, anything can be the bee. 

Add your desired miracle to the pot. During the group Miracle Love Transmission session, I transmute the pot and ‘heal the bee’ in Divine Order with vibration  of ‘You are healed’
And it is done.

How many miracles can you co-create in a year? 



Not only will you receive the healing Miracle of Divine Love into your life and heart, as a member you will actively envision EVERYBODY ELSE’s bees in the pot HEALED also.


You RECEIVE it yourself and HOLD it for OTHERS, expanding your capacity to engage with and create miracles. Your miracle being charged and witnessed into materialization.




Embrace responsibility
Receive your true power
Anchor into the truth of your sovereignty
Become Unconditional Love


The Holy Spirit gave me the gift of this vision as my greatest contribution to the world at this time and I said YES without even thinking twice. 


At this point in our evolution, reason and logic are now illogical. Intuition and undeniable divine guidance are the way. 



What you’ll receive: 


  • Miracle Love Transmissions Live Event with Marilyn up to 2 times per month. (minimum 24 sessions total)

  • Twice monthly interactive healing and teaching events with Marilyn. 

  • Miracle Love Meditations twice monthly to sit in sacred community, expand and connect deeper to the Miracle of Love, heal your heart and access your hidden powers of Divine Love. 

  • Access to the members only Miracle Love Transmissions Community, where you grow, heal and transform in deepest support.

  • Access to archived events.

  • Any additional audio trainings, courses or masterclasses created during your 12 month membership to support your healing and transformation, as divinated by Marilyn.

  • Downloadable Miracle Love Transmissions Journal to record your insights, miracles, and progress. It's essential to take the time to reflect on our insights, miracles and to open up to our own divine guidance as you shift into living a life with an open heart like never before, deeply connected to the Divine and led by higher guidance and inspiration through Love.

  • FREE lifetime membership to the Miracle Love Transmissions Public Group


If you can’t attend the live calls, you’ll be placed in the energetic container for the full 12 month period and every meeting is for you and includes you whether you are physically there or not.

There will be a Miracle Thread  available 48 hours before each transmission. Everybody present or not can put their miracle in the thread and will be read and held by Marilyn and her team for your highest healing. 


This is a community cloaked in Sacred Divine Love therefore, as a member of the community,  there are set guidelines that must be adhered to in order to maintain the purity and sacredness of the original intention of this group.

As we rise into this power of Love and heal ourselves and our lives with Divine Love,  we in turn heal the world. This is the 100th monkey effect at the highest level for all of humanity.

Let us become the Lights that dispel the darkness from this world, one miracle at a time!

About Marilyn

Marilyn Rodriguez is a #1 Amazon international bestselling author, transformational healer, and a modern day ascended master. She is an ordained minister of Divine Love through the Alliance of Divine Love. She has been trained and certified over the past 20+ years in Rapid Eye Technology as a Master Rapid Eye practitioner, Master Teacher in Reiki, Rain Drop Therapy, Chakra Healing Training of the 12 + chakras and more. She has extensively practiced and studied channeling the angelic realms and other multidimensional beings, namely spiritual teams appointed to serve her and her clients. She has the gift of receiving healing messages from those who have passed on when her clients need the peace and healing of those transitionary experiences. Marilyn has also staffed and assisted at many numerous energy healing trainings early on in her career. Her healing gifts date back to early childhood where her awareness of the energy all around us was how she would fall asleep at night by running her fingers through the air and watching the "particles of light" move around. 


Marilyn combines her dynamic energy with a soothing soulful style, keen intuition, and mystical understanding to inspire her clients and audience to create lasting change at the cellular and spiritual levels of their being and discover their true and sacred power of the heart.


Marilyn lives her truth in full openness and vulnerability, allowing her to connect heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with her clients and audience for their greatest transformation.


Marilyn’s clients have created movements, organizations, rapid prosperity, businesses, and miraculous contracts and opportunities. Marriages have been restored within hours and days and soulmates have found each other in complete serendipity.  Marilyn’s clients always comment on the deep sense of restoration, inner peace, confidence, and power they feel when they emerge from a transformational healing experience with her.


Working with Marilyn means experiencing her divine channeling gifts, such as receiving light and healing messages from those who have passed on and powerful intuitive visions that move her clients forward with rapid ease. In Marilyn’s divine love healing container, clients quantum leap onto the highest path they’re meant to live, collapsing all time and space dimensions that are not in alignment with your highest vibration and embodiment. 


Marilyn has lovingly supported celebrities, CEOs, authors, high-level entrepreneurs, artists, and global visionaries for the last 20 years


A third generation healer, Marilyn discovered her gifts at an early age and continues to live her best life by helping people transform their lives.


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